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The ALS Society of Canada has a broad and challenging mandate; the organization wears a great number of hats and must also communicate to a wide variety of stakeholders. The organization was beginning to fracture.

To uncover why, we workshopped with staff and key stakeholders, ensuring a variety of roles were represented. We uncovered a key insight: Despite the organization’s latest efforts, ALS Canada was not bold or transparent enough. Through the idea of “many roles, one community,” we developed a suite of personas their audiences could connect to, with ALS Canada at the helm as the lead “Change Agent.”

We gave their brand building blocks a refresh, keeping their iconic purple colour, and added in vibrant new tones. The updated system is more flexible, honest, and dynamic – communicating the devastation of the disease with transparency. With their bold, consistent brand identity in place, the organization and its stakeholders have a strong, singular foundation from which to push toward a future without ALS.