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An act of parliament transitioned the former Immigration and Citizenship Consultants Regulatory Council into a regulatory College, able to license and regulate those who practise immigration and citizenship consulting in Canada.

This transition sparked the need for a new brand and an effective way to communicate it. Through research and interviews, it became clear that establishing a new sense of authority would be key, in addition to shedding the former organization's negative stigma. Based on our learnings, we established a set of desired outcomes in developing their brand strategy – including vision, mission, brand positioning, and brand messaging – that were both meaningful and strategic.

The new brand identity supports the strategy, striking a balance between gravitas and approachability, all while appearing vibrant and dynamic. The entire identity system – including the logo, supported by other brand building blocks such as colours, font, iconography, photography, and illustration – is easy to use, and works together across platforms to iterate the College’s lawful authority.